Obamacare must still be destroyed

Studying Latin as a high school student, I was taught that Cato the Elder ended every one of his speeches in the Roman Senate with the motto Carthago delenda est (“Carthage must be destroyed”). Instruction on this point came toward the end of the study of Latin grammar and the beginning of the dive into Roman literature when, along with the granduer that was old Rome, we learned the glory of the passive periphrastic construction. Thank you, Messrs. Hawbaker and Sims.

Mutatis mutandis (“the necessary changes having been made”), as Bill Buckley used to say and as I also recall from Latin class, Obamacare must be destroyed. Like Carthage, it must be beaten down and salt sown on its ground. I have feared that the destruction of Obamacare would become impossible after the subsidies start flowing next month. I do think they will greatly complicate the task make repeal or replacement, but now comes John McCormack with the optimistic thought that “Americans won’t become addicted to Obamacare so much as they will be afflicted by it,” and that repeal will therefore remain possible.


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