Still More Climate Follies

Yesterday I noted a sentence from the draft Chapter 9 (“Evaluation of Climate Models”) of the IPCC’s full climate science report that reads:

The ability of a climate model to make future climate projections cannot be directly evaluated. . .

Well, today the “final” report was posted online (“final” because the IPCC says it may still be re-written to conform to the politically-determined Summary for Policymakers), and this sentence has been dropped!  But in its place is a sentence even more embarrassing, as it attempts to deflect attention away from the failure of the models to predict the current 15-year pause in warming:

“[T]hese projections were not intended to be predictions over the short time scales for which observations are available to date.”

So not only can’t the IPCC predict the future; they can’t even predict the past.

Yesterday’s post also included a story that had one of the co-chairs of the IPCC, Thomas Stocker, saying that climate trends should not be considered in periods of less than 30 years.  Okay, fine: then why did the climateers make such a big deal out of the warming trend of 1980-1998?

I guess one of the perks of being a climate campaigner is that you don’t have to be consistent.

Stay tuned.  More on the way. . .