The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, Episode 54: After the Fall

Brian Ward and I recorded Episode 54 of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience yesterday. This is how Brian described the show on Ricochet and Fraters Libertas:

It’s a special weekend edition of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience (HWX). John Hinderaker of Power Line and Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas reconvene to discuss the crucial events of our time. Topics addressed include:

* how to pass the time while waiting in line 2 hours for the new iPhone

* Congressional GOP strategy with defunding Obamacare and the debt ceiling

* the onset of Obamacare

* critical commodity shortages in Venezuela

* understanding and misunderstanding Pope Francis’s recent comments about Church priorities

* the Navy Yard shooting (with a This Week in Gatekeeping bonus)

Articles referenced in the above discussions include:

* Mark Steyn’s latest masterpiece on the debt ceiling: Next Stop Banana Republic

* Pope Francis’s interivew in America magazine: A Big Open Heart to God

* George Weigel’s analysis of Pope Francis’s remarks: The Christ-Centered Pope

You can listen to the podcast by playing it right here, or you can go to Ricochet to download or subscribe to the podcast in various ways, or you can subscribe on iTunes or elsewhere. Or you can use Stitcher. There are many ways to experience the Hinderaker-Ward Experience, but I think the best is by subscribing on iTunes. That way, you never have to worry about missing an episode.