War weary

During a congressional hearing last week, Tom Cotton — who served in our last two wars (real wars, not bombing campaigns) — said that he has “grown weary of the president’s war-weariness.”

But Obama isn’t the only one who is war weary; America as a whole is.

And who can blame us? Consider: years of rationing, with fresh vegetables available only to those who grow them in victory gardens. Young men forced to put their careers on hold due to being drafted; young mothers leaving their small children at home to work in munitions factories. And those interminable air raids that send us scurrying to bomb shelters.

Americans thought the bloodshed would end when they elected Obama president, but no. The wars dragged on, with thousands of Americans dying on the battlefield during every year of his presidency.

No wonder America is too weary to carry out a bombing campaign for a month or so.

Here is Tom’s statement and follow-up question to John Kerry, along with Secretary Kerry’s response: