A note on Mosaic

Mosaic is the online magazine that succeeded Jewish Ideas Daily. The editor of Mosaic is Neal Kozodoy, the formidable former editor of Commentary following the retirement of Norman Podhoretz.

In a recent message Neal explains that “Mosaic launched in June. We do one long-form essay a month, accompanied over the course of the month by solicited responses and then a reply by the author. The essays focus on themes and issues bearing on the Jews, Judaism, and the Jewish state.” The current monthly essay is Robert W. Nicholson’s on “Evangelicals and Israel.” It’s an important essay for American Jews who support Israel. If you know anyone who might benefit from it, I encourage you to take a look and pass it on if you agree with me.

The three preceding essays were by Leon Kass on the Ten Commandments, Michel Gurfinkiel on the end of European Jewry, and Jack Wertheimer on intermarriage.

Mosaic posts a daily edition of editor’s picks of items from around the Web. I have found them to be reliably of interest. More about Mosaic is posted here.


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