Best Fan/Spam Mail Ever

So this came in my email this morning, and I’m chortling even before the coffee kicks in.  The subject headline is: “Hayek und Schmitt und Strauss would be so proud”:

Yes they would Steven. You were a wonderful quote meister on PBS.

And if only they could read your targeted attack on the social sciences in the 6,000 word diatribe you just posted.

Because as you Schmitty and Hayek know ‘You cannot know about society, only in society!”

Only they (in their own ubermenchen intellects) knew about society. Then modestly they decided to dispense with it as being unknowable (certainly to me).

As Hayek said, no one person can know everything, (not even you Steven) and we’re all idiots anyway who believe anything.

So the social sciences are futile. Ya? So why have people at University wasting money thinking about society?

So I hope you are content in your ‘spontaneous social order’ which you and your conservatives so rigorously strive to construct and impose on us.

Your problem now, is that neoliberals like you no longer fly invisibly under the social and political radar. We see you and know what your program is. 

It has taken us a while to understand and identify Mt Pelerin apparatchicks, but now we get it.
And people around the world like me are starting to push back against your coercive authoritarian neoliberal ideology.
You need to put humanism back into your liberalism Steven. Like it was before.
[Name withheld]
Somehow there’s got to be a frozen Nigerian bank account needing my help coming from this guy.