“Compromise” bill passes House, 285-144

The only drama surrounding the House vote, if you can call it drama, was how the Republican caucus would split. In the end, 87 Republicans voted for the compromise, if you can call it a compromise. One hundred forty-four Republicans voted against it.

I’m far from an expert when it comes to the Republican caucus, but I expected less Republican support. Apparently, the Washington Post shared my expectation (“The House was expected to pass [the bill], with most Democrats and a few Republicans voting yes”).

Is the relatively high level of GOP support a reflection of solidarity with Speaker Boehner, who voted for the bill? Is it a reflection of suppressed unhappiness over the shutdown? Or were there sweeteners that haven’t been reported yet?

At a minimum, the vote seems to reflect a lack of fear by many Republican members of being primaried.

Or am I simply wrong to view the level of Republican support as surprisingly high?


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