“Don’t do this to me”

Listening to, and live-blogging, Kathleen Sebelius’ testimony this morning, I somehow didn’t hear what may become the money moment of the entire affair. Pressed by Rep. Gardner as to why she has not, and will not, enroll in the ObamaCare exchanges (as Gardner has tried to do), Sebelius muttered “don’t do this to me.” (see video below)

The unwillingness of top government officials and members to subject themselves to that which they have imposed on ordinary Americans is a major sore spot in the Obamacare debate. In this context, Sebelius’ utterance can be viewed as an anthem.

In addition — and this comes as no surprise — Sebelius’ claim, given under oath, in response to Rep. Gardner that she is prohibited by law from using the exchanges because she has affordable health care coverage from her employer turns out to be false. Sebelius said, “if I have affordable coverage eligible in my workplace, I am not eligible for the marketplace.” But, in fact, as Andrew Johnson and Patrick Brennan show, such employees are eligible, though not for a subsidy.

Here is Sebelius’ “don’t do this to me” moment.


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