Fundraising fuels the shutdown

John wrote here about the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s effort to raise money via the government shutdown. And, indeed, the Democrats are having big success in this endeavor.

In the 24-hour-period before the shutdown, the DNC raised around $850,000, its best day since the 2012 election. And sources tell me that, naturally enough, this wave of giving continued after the shutdown began and liberal anger grew.

This success probably helps explain why President Obama and congressional Dems are quite content to see the shutdown drag on. Polling on the shutdown tells them they are winning the political battle decisively, though not overwhelmingly. But the fundraising boost may be even more important. Public opinion ebbs and flows. Money you can take to the bank.

So if you’re Obama or Harry Reid, why not let the dough keep rolling in for another week or two?

Republicans, of course, are raising money on the shutdown too. The RNC says it averaged $500,000 in donations during the two day period encompassing the day before the shutdown and its first day. And the Tea Party movement must also be benefiting financially.

But from what I hear, the Dems are winning the fundraising battle, as the shutdown has at last given their base something about which to be truly angry.


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