Government Shutdown Includes Brains, Apparently

Wolf Blitzer is one of the less annoying newsreaders on CNN (I know, that’s like being distinguished as the tallest building in Wichita*), but he proves himself a Connoisseur of the Obvious with his acknowledgement that shutting down the Obamacare websites for the weekend is “an embarrassment” for the administration:

“An embarrassment for the administration,” Blitzer stated. “Hopefully, they’ll get all those glitches out of the way by Monday, if possible. They’ve only had three years to get ready for this roll out.”

Glitches?  Glitches?  Blitzer needs to read Hayek.  (By the way, I recall reading one of the last interviews with Hayek shortly before he died in 1992, in which he said that no matter how big and how fast our computing power got, the government still couldn’t intelligently manage any large portion of our economy by central diktat.  Memo to Wolf: those glitches are not going away.)

But this raises a further point.  Before long the media stories about the hardships caused to government employees by the shutdown are going to start to seem repetitive, which means the media will run fewer of them.  Besides, how many hard working Americans have deep sympathy for federal employees?  I thought the shutdown was a bad tactic for the House GOP, but having committed themselves, they may as well see it through.

(*Which is probably owned by the Koch brothers, heh.)