Green Weenie of the Week: Bob Geldof

SIR Bob Geldof

I nearly retired Power Line’s coveted Green Weenie Award a while back when the selection committee ruled that Al Gore and his epigones were no longer eligible to win repeat Weenies, and all the pale imitators were deemed unworthy of the award.  But sometimes somebody really steps up and makes it worthy of calling up the factory to order up a new Weenie.  Behold legendary music producer and entertainment impresario Bob Geldof, who said in a speech the other day that humanity may only have 17 more years to live unless we solve . . . wait for it . . . climate change.  But of course.

Wait, that’s Sir Bob Geldof to you, buster.  Can just anybody get a knighthood in the UK these days, or is there a special committee that seeks out the dunderheaded?  Geldof—sorry, Sir Robert—clearly has forgotten the First Rule of Environmental Doomsaying, which is to place your prediction far enough in the future that everyone will have forgotten what a fool you were when it fails to come to pass.

As the Daily Star story reminds us:

Sir Bob is best-known for his attempts in helping to fight famine in Africa, staging Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in 1985.

Sounds like someone needs to stage an aid concert for the obvious famine of Geldof’s synapses.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, there’s video.


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