Greenthugs Update

When last we checked in on the saga of Greenthugs Greenpeace—the John Birch Society of the environmental movement—they were facing potentially long prison sentences for piracy in Russia. (See here, and here.)  Not only do the Russians appear ready to go forward with piracy charges, but the latest from the BBC is that Russian police have found drugs on the impounded Greenpeace ship.  Greenpeace is crying “plant!” and I’m sure they’re right.  I mean, it’s not like Greenpeace or other environmentalists (or the government for that matter) have never violated the rule of law themselves, or never planted artifacts or phony evidence of endangered species on land on which they wish to prevent human use.

A faithful Power Line reader writes in:

There’s an underlying theme here that cuts to the heart of enviros and America.  They wouldn’t be able to exist in the US without personal and economic freedom.  They do their best to ensure that we have no economic freedom.  Then they are shocked when they go to an area ruled by thugs and (likely) get drugs planted on them. . .   They just love the rule of law when it can save them from thugs like the Russians but they are the first people to behave like “thugs” in the US.  I’m half glad they get to find out what real thugs are like, frankly.

Me, too.


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