How the Dems Spin Their Own Shutdown Blunders For Money

On the fourth day of the partial government shutdown, things are getting tense in Washington. The Democrats were confident a shutdown would strengthen their political position, and it probably will; but they have overplayed their hand to the point where millions of Americans can see that the administration is deliberately trying to inconvenience the public in hopes of achieving political gain. That realization is making the Dems testy.

So today the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out an angry email to the party faithful, trying to raise money off the shutdown:

From: DCCC Rapid Response [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, October 04, 2013 1:58 PM
To: Hinderaker, John H.
Subject: enough of this crap

Well, that’s an elegant beginning.

John —

Ok, enough of this crap.

Such language! And this isn’t the Daily Kos or Democratic Underground, it is an official mailing from the Democratic Party. One gets the sense they aren’t entirely happy with how things are going.

Yesterday, a blowhard Republican Congressman from Texas lashed out at a park ranger because the World War II memorial was closed.

You can see that what has happened at the WWII memorial is a sensitive point. Of course, Republicans didn’t “lash out” at park rangers, they criticized the Obama administration for going out of its way to try to bar veterans from the memorial.

Hey. NEWSFLASH: You caused the shutdown. You. Republicans. Boehner. Ted Cruz. The Tea Party.

Not really. The Republican House voted to fund and reopen the national parks, and the Democratic Senate refused. And, in any event, the shutdown had nothing to do with barrycading the WWII memorial, which could just as easily–more easily–have been left open.

This crew of right-wingers in Congress shut down the government because of Obamacare, plain and simple. Now, they have the nerve to attack innocent bystanders with political stunts. It’s shameless.

Some would say that barricading the otherwise wide-open WWII memorial and closing the parking lot to the privately-owned Mount Vernon are great examples of “attacking innocent bystanders with political stunts.”

But we can’t just watch this happen. It’s up to us to call out every last Republican we can and make sure the American people know exactly who caused this mess.

RAPID RESPONSE: Chip in $3 or more right now to our Republican Accountability Fund so we can spread the truth to the American people >>

At the end of the day, it’s always about money. The Democrats have found that stirring up hate against Republicans with falsehoods and distortions makes the cash registers ring.

We’re trying to raise $500,000 to call out as many Tea Party Republicans as we can. With your help, we’re going to run ads in their home districts so voters know exactly what’s going on in Washington.

Help us call out shameful House Republicans. Donate $3 or more right now:

Thanks for having our back on this,

DCCC Rapid Response

Meanwhile, the Obama administration, digging itself ever deeper, has stepped up its effort to keep veterans away from the memorial by wiring the barricades together. Did anyone remember to bring wire cutters?


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