Lies of Obamacare

At NRO Charles Cooke turns a gimlet eye on what I call the lies of Obamacare. Cooke recalls the promises that were used to peddle Obamacare; they are the foundational lies of a monstrosity that is rotten to the core. The falsity of the promises will be proved over and over again in the fullness of time, even as their falsity is established to the letter with the rollout of Obamacare this month. Cooke’s unforgiving column is bracing.

In their own way the willfulness and magnitude of the falsehoods with which Obama sold Obamacare are shocking. We’ve become inured to it, but it is true. This is my refrain: If only we had a free press, Obamacare would be a bloody, unrelenting scandal, like Abu Ghraib, or Watergate. As it is, it is only business as usual for liberals and liberalism.

UPDATE: Debra Saunders has another installment of this story today in “Obama sold voters bill of goods on health care,” and John McCormack has a related post, but Cooke really treats the story with the derision it deserves.