Lies of Obamacare: Mark Warner edition

Following up on our “Lies of Obamacare” series, a reader writes from the Commonwealth of Virginia:

I get health insurance through my employer. I carry one child with autism on that. However, the family plan is $800/mo, so my wife and our other two children have had an individual plan. Her premiums are $209/mo for a $2500 individual/$5000 family deductible. We have a health savings account with it and LOVE it.

Optima has informed us it is going to be canceled next year. They gave us ACA compliant options. We are not eligible to for subsidies because I do get offered a “family plan” at work and by ACA rules only the employee portion is factored in when calculating whether the plan is “affordable.” The closest plan is a $3250individual/$6500 family deductible for $674.39. That is a 325 percent increase in our premiums! This is completely outrageous. The worst part is that I wrote Senator Mark Warner and told him about this. I gave him the exact details I gave you.

After talking about why he supports the “Affordable Care Act,” Senator Warner writes:

“I understand that uncertainty about the future of health care reform causes great concern. To best follow implementation efforts, and to answer questions you might have about how certain provisions may affect you, I encourage you to visit, the central portal for information about health reform implementation. Specific questions about your particular health insurance, or how the implementation of certain health reform provisions may affect your policy, should be directed to your health insurance provider.”

Really? So I tell you how my insurer is giving me a 325% increase in premiums and you recommend and to call my provider to ask about how the reform provisions will affect my policy? Really?

My wife’s story should be the poster child for why the ACA destroys lives.

For the Orwellian-titled Affordable Care Act, read “Obamacare.”