Man the Barry-cades!

John has already noted here the extreme efforts the Obama Administration is taking to inconvenience the public by closing even the privately-operated Claude Moore Farm in suburban Virginia.  What about Mount Vernon?  Mount Vernon has long been privately owned and operated, and moreover, was always the one local attraction open to tourists on federal holidays.  But because Mount Vernon abuts the George Washington Memorial Parkway, the Obama Administration is trying to shut down Mount Vernon, too.  George Washington’s home is still open to the public, but the Feds are barricading parking places and the traffic circle where tourist buses swing through and drop off/pick up passengers.

I’m pretty sure this didn’t happen during the shutdown of 1995-96.

Moreover, if the feds can shut down the George Washington Parkway parking places, when will they start shutting down or inconveniencing the interstate highways?  Those are federal property, too.

(Hat tip to Katie Pavlich, I think, for coming up with “Barry-cades.”)


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