Obamacare — one size fleeces all

Most of the Obamacare horror stories I’ve heard fall under the category “amazing, but not surprising.” But I confess that this one, from a friend, surprised me:

True story: I was talking to my fitness trainer on Wednesday about Obamacare. He is a 38 year-old with three boys by his first marriage. Of late he has a second wife, who has her own insurance through her job, covering just her. He has insurance as an individual.

He got a letter from his insurance company cutting him off, and saying he’d have to look elsewhere after Dec. 31. So he started looking. The cheapest policy he could find has DOUBLE the premium he pays now, which is a considerable hit at his income level. He asked the company why the premium was so much compared to what he has been paying. It explained that its plan included more than his present, soon-to-expire plan.

The additional coverage, which he (and in effect his boys) can’t turn down, because it’s mandated by Obamacare, is for the cost of CHILDBIRTH.


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