Obama’s message

It was thought that Obama’s Rose Garden event today would include a discussion of the serious technical issues that have hobbled the rollout of Healthcare.gov since October 1. That doesn’t quite seem to be the case. There was no reckoning with his description of the problem as a “glitch” or any accounting of where we are now. It was a campaign-like event full of the accustomed BS and balderdash.

According to the White House Web site, Obama was “joined by consumers, small business owners, and pharmacists who have either benefitted [sic] from the health care law already or are helping consumers learn about what the law means for them and how they can get covered. The group [] include[d] individuals who have already applied for and enrolled in quality, affordable coverage through the Marketplaces and those who are planning to after exploring and comparing their new health care options.” Everything is (basically) beautiful. Byron York has already posted a terrific column documenting and assessing Obama’s remarks.

I deduce a couple of messages. Message to the people: He thinks you’re stupid. Message to the media: He thinks you’re compliant tools.

UPDATE: Peter Suderman has more here and the White House has posted a transcript of Obama’s Rose Garden rally here.


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