The Healthcare Mash

Halloween finds me in San Francisco, where the obvious question would be: how can you tell?  In any case, I’ll be dressed up as something truly frightening tonight: a college administrator.

Meanwhile, our pal Remy Munasifi (Go Remy!) is out with “The Healthcare Mash.”  Now, Remy is The Man, but he’s going to need to go a ways to catch up with my “Hitler Learns About the Obamacare Launch” video, which is up to nearly 130,000 views today on YouTube–my personal record.

Also, as parodies of the Monster Mash go, I’m still partial to “The Monster Hash” by The Toyes which is perfect for my temporary home in Boulder:

I was working in the lab late one night
When I heard the gurgle of a waterpipe
So I turned to see my monster in a cloud of smoke
Who said, “This **** ain’t bad, here, have a toke”

(We smoked some hash) – We smoked some monster hash
(Some monster hash) – It was his personal stash
(We smoked some hash) – We got completely trashed
(On monster hash) – We smoked some monster hash

Etc. . .