The Week in Pictures: Aftermath Edition

Well, the shutdown and debt ceiling fight is over for the moment.  Perhaps it will be back in January/February; I’m going to call the sequel “Gravity 2,” since our out-of-control government seems to think it can defy the laws of economics indefinitely.

GOP Knight copy

Normandy copy

Debt Baby copy

HelathCaregov copy

Obama Suppositories copy

Ocare Death Star copy

Obamacare Mulligan copy

Romans copy

Lawn Mower guy copy

IRS Pirate copy

Dinosaurs copy

Costas copy

For fellow Browncoats (the original Tea Partiers!) everywhere:

Kaylee copy

And in case you’ve ever wanted to Rickroll someone in Klingon (I know I have, often), well now you can:

And finally. . .

Hot 5 copy



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