The Wine Drinker’s Guide to Surviving the Shutdown [With Quibble By John]

Clearly, this is the only wine to drink.  It blends a variety of grape interests from different and extensive territories, balances all the factions of your taste buds and thereby extends their sphere, moderates the extremes of tannin, fruit, and smoky essence, and provokes deliberation about the merits of your wine-food pairing.  (NB: Some day I’ll make a short film about cabernet sauvignon, and call it “The Royal Tannin-Bombs.”  Heh.)  “Visionary” indeed.  It may just become the official wine of Power Line editorial board meetings.  (Pairing it tonight with grilled pesto chicken and wild rice.  Go Cardinal!)

Read more about it here.  And if the shutdown continues, we’ll move on to the Federalist “Dueling Pistols” red blend next week.  To be served only with (rare) red meat and tea of course.

JOHN adds: Steve, I have personal experience of your great taste in red wine, but I have just one quibble: given the way things are going, maybe we should say “celebrating the shutdown” rather than “surviving the shutdown.”