What Does Obamacare Have Against Indians?

The Obamacare exchanges launched across the country today, with widespread reports of confusion and various technical snafus. Here in Minnesota, the state’s MNSure exchange was supposed to open this morning, but authorities deferred the launch until this afternoon. This made quite a few people nervous: if the exchange wasn’t ready by morning, how likely is it that it is really ready to go by the afternoon?

When I checked the MNSure site just now, it still didn’t seem to be operating. But it featured these “updates”:

“If you are an American Indian, we recommend waiting until next week to submit an application.” Indians to the back of the line! It’s a good thing this isn’t a Republican program.

No doubt the bureaucrats have some explanation as to why Indians should wait until next week; this is merely one of thousands of instances of unforeseen complexity in one of the most poorly thought out pieces of legislation ever enacted.