Al Franken Is “Frustrated” By the Obamacare Web Site?

Al Franken is running for re-election next year, and like Democrats everywhere he is trying to escape from the Obamacare debacle. So today Franken was one of a group of 16 Senators who were given an opportunity to express their displeasure to President Obama and Vice-President Biden. His office released a statement following the meeting:

Franken said he expressed his displeasure at the meeting.

“I, along with the Senators at the meeting, expressed frustration with the performance of the federal website,” he said in a statement released from his office. …

Although Franken has been a supporter of ObamaCare, according to one report, he was “visibly agitated” last month when meeting with Obama’s chief of staff to discuss the problem with the roll out.

On Wednesday he said: “I will continue to hold the Administration accountable as it fixes the federal site.”

So Franken is frustrated because the web site doesn’t work? Just wait until tens of millions of Americans who are currently covered by employer-sponsored group health plans learn that, even though they like their plans, they are going to lose them. In June 2010, as we explained here, the Obama administration projected that up to 69% of all employer-sponsored plans, including those maintained by the largest corporations, will terminate within the first year of Obamacare–then 2013, now 2014.

In September 2010, Senate Republicans, appalled by that prediction, introduced a resolution to negate the Obama administration regulations that will cause those employer-sponsored plans to lose their “grandfathered” status. The Republicans’ resolution failed because every Senate Democrat voted against it, including Al Franken. When roughly half of all Minnesotans lose their employer-sponsored health care plans next year, Franken will have a lot of explaining to do.


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