Another Media Alert, With Comments On My Potential Senate Candidacy

This is for early risers: I will be on Bill Bennett’s radio show tomorrow morning at 5:30 Central, talking about the Obama administration’s long-acknowledged plan to cancel your employer-supplied insurance, no matter how much you like it. That’s assuming I don’t oversleep, which is a possibility. For those in the Mountain and Pacific time zones, I can only assume that you get the show recorded rather than live. I can’t imagine anyone being up at 3:30 in the morning for any purpose, even to listen to Bill’s excellent program.

So if you are up, please tune in. You can listen online here if, like me, your only radio is the one in your car and at 5:30, best case, you will be putting on a pot of coffee.

As for my Senate candidacy, it is entirely fictional. Some commenters on this post urged me to run, as a handful of others have from time to time, but it isn’t going to happen. Apart from the fact that I don’t have enough money, the opposition research would be way too easy, given that I have said exactly what I think on pretty much a daily basis for a couple of decades now. And that’s before we even get to Miss Universe and Miss World.

Anyway, please do tune in if you are awake.


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