Gettysburg in the Power Point Age

Yup, this is probably how it would go down today.  I’ll bet this is how it appeared on Obama’s Teleprompter today in any case.  (And do we really believe that he left out “under God” today because Ken Burns asked him to?)  This is precisely why I say “Power corrupts, and Power Point corrupts absolutely.”  I never use it in the classroom, except for presenting data in attractive graphical form.  Or sight gags.  Usually sight gags.  (This gig is attributed either to the great Edward Tufte, author of the indispensable guide, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information and The Cognitive Style of Power Point, or to Peter Norvig. UPDATE: looks like it was Norvig.)

Gettysburg 2 copy

Gettysburg 1 copyGettysburg 3 copy

Gettusburg 4 copy

Gettysburg 5 copy

Gettysburg 6 copy

And here’s what copy editors might do with it:

Gettysburg handwirting experts copy


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