If You Don’t Like Guns, Skip This Post

Having had enough of Obamacare for the moment, I’m in the mood to talk about guns. I haven’t written much about firearms lately, but that isn’t because the current ammo shortage has prevented me from shooting. On the contrary, I’ve been shooting regularly because a reader of this site put me in touch with a source in West Virginia who has kept me well supplied with 9 mm. and 22LR ammunition.

Yesterday I went shooting with my friend Mitch Berg, radio host and online pundit, at our favorite Gander Mountain store. I took this photo of our firearms as we laid them out before we began; the scene soon became considerably messier:


From left to right, you’re looking at Mitch’s SIG P250 and tactical shotgun, and my SIG Mosquito Sport, SIG P938, Armalite AR-24 and Marlin 60. The Marlin 60 is a gun a father usually buys for his son, only I got it for myself. The blue ammo box is Serbian 9 mm., one of a number of varieties we have used during the shortage. In my experience, they all work. We brought out other kinds later, with equal success.

Mitch’s tactical shotgun was a new firearm for me; loaded with double-aught shot, it packs a punch. His P250 is double action, and, whereas I experienced a sort of Zen unity with the trigger last time I shot it, yesterday I was mediocre at best. As for my own guns, I was about average. I shot this group with my Armalite AR-24:


This is my P938 Nightmare, the pistol I carry:


There was a guy in the lane to our right who, along with his wife or girlfriend, was shooting a couple of AR-15s along with a handgun or two, rapidly and accurately. Mitch speculated that he was former military at a pretty high level. Other than him, Mitch and I were shooting as well as anybody. So it was another good afternoon at the range. I’m not much of a fisherman, but I would adapt the adage about fishing: a bad day at the range is better than a good day at work.

Finally, since we always strive for redeeming social value, check out this video of the National Rifle Association’s newest commentator, Austin Weiss. Suffice it to say that it isn’t your father’s NRA:

If you too are in the mood to chat about guns, comments are welcome.


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