Jessica Sanford then and now

The Heritage Foundation Foundry blog highlights the interesting case of Obamacare supporter Jessica Sanford in the post “From Obamacare success story to Obamacare failure story in just three days.” What can we learn from the case? Crystal Goodremote summarizes the CNN story:

President Obama cited Jessica Sanford as an Obamacare success story during his October 21 health care event. However, only three days later, Sanford turned into another Obamacare failure.

CNN reports that Sanford, a 48-year-old single mother from Washington state, purchased health insurance from the Washington state exchange. She was so excited that she emailed the President expressing her gratitude. He read the email during a health care event at the White House Rose Garden. Three days later, Sanford said that she started receiving letters from her state’s exchange explaining that its tax credit calculator was incorrect, and instead of receiving a federal tax credit, she was not eligible. That meant the cost of her insurance would be higher than she anticipated—so high that she said she could not afford it.

“It was like riding a big rollercoaster,” she said. “They have my credit card, they have the payment date and then, you know, once again I’m knocked down, and this time it’s to zero. And at my rate of pay, with my family size, I just don’t understand why I wouldn’t get at least a little help with a tax credit.”
“It was a huge disappointment,” Sanford said. “Especially since I had, you know, my story had been shared by the President.”

Sanford is not alone, according to CNN’s report. Other Washington state residents also had their tax credits miscalculated.

Here is the original CNN report as broadcast (also included with Crystal’s post).


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