Lies of Obamacare: McCarthy’s indictment

Drawing on John’s work here and here, Andy McCarthy has been on fire with the lies of Obamacare. I think he is about ready to bring the varmint to justice. In his November 9 NRO column, Andy handed up the indictment against Obama in “Obama’s massive fraud.”

It turned out that Andy was just warming to the theme. He returned to it yesterday in “Obama’s ‘5 percent’ con job.” In yesterday’s piece Andy cited a brief filed by Department of Justice attorneys on behalf of HHS last month on October 17, confirming John’s findings with an exclamation point.

On FNC’s Kelly File last night, Megyn Kelly had Andy on to discuss yesterday’s column. Kelly did everything but mark the brief as Exhibit A in Andy’s indictment. It’s an excellent segment contributing to the great unmasking. Please check it out.