Lies of Obamacare: Schrader’s cat

We’re in the lies within lies phase of the Obamacare rollout. It’s a postmodern funhouse. President Obama leads the pack in lying about his lies. The subject is a little complicated and it’s hard to keep up, but even his friends in the media should be catching on at this point.

Yesterday in “Dems head for the tall grass” Steve posted the video of Oregon Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader admitting that the President was “grossly misleading to the American public.” That’s what the man said. You have to think that the ground is beginning to shift even in a blue state like Oregon. Democrats are beginning to look over the shoulder.

Schrader isn’t so much lying about lies as counting on the usual public inattention to protect him. The folks at the National Republican Congressional Committee did some quick digging on Schrader and found that he himself had made the “grossly misleading” promises about keeping your health care plan – on his own Web site. As the Oregonian notes, the NRCC called him out on this this and his office promptly took that section of his site down. The NRCC statement is posted here, complete with evidence retrieved from the memory hole.

I can’t quite get the meter right to do the Jesse Jackson thing with the thought, but I think Kurt Schrader is a leading indicator.


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