Obama Sinking

Barack Obama’s decline continues. Another day, another bad poll. And as Power Line readers know, that isn’t the worst of it: we are still in the first inning of the Obamacare disaster. Yet to come is the inevitable fallout when millions of Americans realize that those with employer-sponsored plans are also losing their insurance, that prices are going up for everyone who doesn’t get a subsidy, and millions are losing access to their preferred physicians. Poll numbers that look like a floor today will look like a ceiling in six months.

Obama’s decline has become so manifest that it is now conventional wisdom. Check out (via Jim Treacher) the cover of the Economist that is hitting the newsstands:


Of course, Obama never did walk on water. If you ask yourself, what had Obama achieved prior to getting elected president, it is hard to come up with much. And if you ask what he has accomplished since taking office–other than re-election–it is even harder. Stimulus? Bailouts? Cash for clunkers? Record deficits? Negligible economic growth? Skyrocketing food stamp use? Unprecedented poverty? Pathetic foreign policy?

I don’t suppose the establishment will ever admit that it was wrong about Obama from the beginning, but that’s OK. Better late than never. We will leave it to others to puzzle over how such a brilliant president went so horribly wrong.


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