On This Morning’s Obamacare Stories, Better Late Than Never

The internet news cycle is short enough that if you are eight hours late in commenting on a story, it feels like a week. Early this morning there were two Obamacare-related stories that were burning up Twitter, both mini-scandals in their own right, but I haven’t had a chance to write about them until now. So, in hopes that they will still be news to some of our readers, here goes.

First, the New York Times, our evergreen whipping boy. As we noted here the paper’s editorial board first claimed that Obama “clearly misspoke” when he promised that if you like your plan, you can keep it. Period. That whitewash prompted such howls of derision that the paper looked for a new angle. They have now decided to call Obama’s lie an “incorrect promise:”


Via Twitchy. Byron York set to work on the paper’s search engine, and also checked the Nexis database, which goes back for decades. Apparently the Times has never before described anything as an “incorrect promise.”


Whatever it takes to protect their man, but the Times long ago lost whatever credibility it once may have had. No one is buying their spin, least of all those who have lost their health insurance coverage.

Then we have the low-rent ads that are being used to entice young people to participate in the Obamacare exchanges. The message is: if you are a slut, Obamacare is for you! Michelle Malkin and others have dubbed this “Hosurance.” You have to see it to believe it; bear in mind that this ad wasn’t produced by, say Russ Meyer or Larry Flynt; it is government-funded, official propaganda for the signature program of the Democratic Party:


Then we have this, “friends with benefits.” Exactly the kind of thing our government should promote:


This is one of those things you just wouldn’t believe unless you saw it. But beyond the sleaze, what about the merits of the pitch? Do you really need Obamacare to obtain various methods of birth control? Granted, my youth is rapidly receding into the past, but I clearly recall that birth control was universally available long before Obamacare was a gleam in Hillary Clinton’s eye.

The ads, which originate in Colorado, feature Brosurance–they actually use the term–as well as Hosurance:


Like keggers? Buy Obamacare! And while you’re at it, vote Democrat, which is what this is really all about.

Andrew Breitbart often said that politics is downstream from culture. He was absolutely right. And, unfortunately, our culture is a cesspool. So who can be surprised at the state of today’s Democratic Party?