Poles Rally Against Global Warming Power Grab

The U.N. is holding its latest global warming conclave in Poland. Big mistake. Yesterday more than 50,000 Poles turned out in Warsaw, in conjunction with National Independence Day, for an anti-U.N. rally. David Rothbard, president of Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow, addressed the crowd and a national television audience. Anthony Watts reports on the inspiring event:

As more than 50,000 enthusiastic Poles gathered in downtown Warsaw on Monday to celebrate National Independence Day, with millions more watching on live television, CFACT president David Rothbard was invited to the stage to deliver an impassioned address celebrating freedom and warning against the dangerous and oppressive climate agenda of the UN.

Rothbard said he was honored to stand with the Poles in a “new battle for freedom against those who would use environmental and climate alarmism to steal away our liberties and give international bureaucrats control over our energy sources, our daily lives, our prosperity, and our national sovereignty.” …

Rothbard noted that at last year’s COP meeting, UN climate chief Christiana Figueres said that what the UN was undertaking is “a complete economic transformation of the world.”

“This is not good news for those who love freedom, and it is not good news for Poland,” Rothbard asserted.

And here is video from the event:


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