Queen Seeb weighs costs and benefits

Joseph Curl has dubbed HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Queen Seeb. I think it fits, doesn’t it? The moniker comes to mind in connection with this report of her testimony yesterday before the Senate Finance Committee:

Several Republicans questioned the security and testing of the website, pointing to warnings from outside experts said password glitches and incomplete testing that could make it easier for identity thieves to attack. Sebelius said that neither security consultants nor the administration felt those concerns warranted halting enrollment.

“No one suggested the risks outweighed the importance of moving forward,” she said, “including Mitre, who made recommendations to CMS as is required.” Mitre is a federally-funded nonprofit that handles much of the federal insurance marketplace’s security.

I’d love to see the cost-benefit analysis. It doesn’t sound too difficult. I bet it went down about like this: “Cost of identity theft: We (they) can deal with it. Benefit of Obamacare: Priceless.”