The Week in Pictures: “System Down” Edition

So it turns out that what Obama really meant to say was, “If I like your health plan, you can keep it.”  Somewhere George H.W. Bush is kicking himself for botching “read my lips: No. New. Taxes.”  He clearly should have said, “If you like your tax rate, you can keep your tax rate.”

New Yorker copy

Dummy Websites copy

No Crash copy

No Crash 2 copy

Obamacare knows best copy

Obamaclown copy

Keep Plan copy

Keep Your Plan copy

Ocare Shovel Ready copy

Headlines copy

This is indeed the correct mashup for Thomas Kinkade paintings; maybe he can become the “painter of light-sabers”:

Star Wars Kinkade copy

Satr Wars kinkade 2 copy

Seems like truth in advertising to me:

Customize wedding copy

Advisory note does not apply to Bill Clinton:

Cocks Forward copy

Jeep Date copy

OCD Nightmare copy

Cat Ass trophy copyAnd finally. . .

Hot 67 copy




JOHN can’t resist adding one more: This Michael Ramirez cartoon just came out this morning:



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