These Zins Are a Dusi

I’ve been falling behind on many regular features these days, among them, the Power Line 100, but also the crucial subject of wine.  So here’s a quick catch up guide.

Old timers of Paso Robles wines all know the Dusi name.  The Dusi family’s Zinfandel vineyards go back nearly a century.  For decades, if you wanted to find the best Zinfandels from the region, you wanted to find who bought the Dusi crop for that year.  The Dusi family seldom made their own wine—until now.  And here’s the four-minute storyboard for it.  (Footnote: I’ve met Janell Dusi a couple of times, and always said, “When are you guys going to start keeping your own grapes for yourselves?”  The time has come.)

We’ve also fallen behind with the latest from the Paso Wine Man, who offers up a defense of the much-maligned Merlot.  (I’ll add that I’m hugely thankful that Sideways was filmed down in Santa Barbara County rather than San Luis Obispo county, lest my favorite haunts be overrun with casual drinkers like SB County now is.)