Two New Sites of Note

Two new info-rich websites are worth noting and bookmarking for frequent visits (after Power Line, of course).  The first is, a project of the Cato Institute.  It is an ambitious project aimed at debunking the relentless gloom of the neo-Malthusianism of everyone who wants to extend more and more political control over people and resources.  As the title suggests, the real story of the human race is relentless progress.  This short introductory video looks a little bit like the long-form (1:45 long) Barenaked Ladies theme song for the Big Bang Theory, but what the heck.

As the site explains:

Evidence from academic institutions and international organizations shows dramatic improvements in human well-being. These improvements are especially striking in the developing world.

Unfortunately, there is often a wide gap between the reality and public perception, including that of many policymakers, scholars in unrelated fields, and intelligent lay persons. To make matters worse, the media emphasizes bad news, while ignoring many positive long-term trends.

Do tell.

The other new site of new is  No, that’s not a clever spelling of “fuel.”  It’s named for the site’s impresario, Brent Fewell, one of that hearty band of conservative/free market environmentalists who understand all of the defects of conventional environmental thought and policy.  Brent has assembled a notable team of authors, including my pal Tracy Mehan and Laura Huggins of PERC.  This is the place to go for some serious environmental sanity, and alternatives to the usual slop.