Waking Nightmares

For decades it seemed like we were doomed to suffer waves of lesser Kennedys endlessly seeking office, but regression to the mean has revealed most of the third and fourth generation Kennedys to be the obvious mediocrities (and worse) that they are.  (P.J. O’Rourke’s review of the Collier-Horowitz book on the Kennedys remains the best short summary of this appalling family.  Shorter O’Rourke: The Kennedys are “sewer trout.”)

Now, of course, we face the specter of another Clinton at the top of the Democratic ticket in three years, perhaps even squaring off against another Bush.  Edna St.Vincent-Millay vindicated again: history isn’t one damn thing after another—it’s the same damn thing over and over again.

Jason Carter

Jason Carter

But the worst waking nightmare is shaping up in Georgia: Jimmy Carter’s grandson is thinking about running for governor.  Cue the primal scream of swamp rabbits everywhere.  All I can say is: thank God it’s not Amy.  Though maybe she’s waiting to run with Chelsea.  (Apparently San Nunn’s daughter is also thinking of running, which prompts the obvious GOP campaign slogan: an image of a swamp rabbit holding a sign reading “Nunn of the Above.”)


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