How Obama Thinks We Should Live: A Reader Responds

Paul’s dissections of the Obama administration’s “affirmatively furthering fair housing” initiative have been characteristically cerebral. But a reader responds a little more, shall we say, viscerally. Sit back and enjoy:

Nothing surprising here–it’s the strategic end state, the logical culmination of the racially and economically just society…the final elaboration of the means to destroy the deep structures in society that produce most social evils, especially discrimination and racism from which almost all our problems derive.

I say: BRING. IT. ON. Not just in Westchester County, NY, but in ALL of blue state suburbia, baby! Nowhere is more racially and economically segregated; in fact, that’s the whole point of these suburbs in the first place! Who doesn’t know that?

So let’s just abolish them! Consolidate and regionalize, for social justice. I know it’s popular in blue state America, so we can start with…oh…say, wherever the New York Times editors, reporters and executives live: Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County, CT, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY (Long Island), all the suburban counties in northern NJ; Bucks, Chester and Montgomery counties in PA (suburban Philadelphia); and, of course, suburban Boston: Newton, Brookline, Weston, Wayland, Sudbury, Dover, Concord, Lexington…and Hyannis. Plus Marin County, CA–just scratching the surface here. We’d want to include northern VA and Montgomery County, MD, too, of course, in the first wave.

Let’s do this,in spades! Sure, the Bay Area–it will be exciting to see how they react in Marin County and Atherton and Palo Alto to much more density. I can’t wait to see the reactions in Marin to their new neighbors with all the new ethnic and economic diversity HUD will “facilitate.” 1 or 2 hundred thousand of them would be about right. It’s the least populated county in the Bay Area, one of the top 5 in the US in income and wealth, one of the whitest, and one of the biggest voting percentage for Obama! BUT…do you think those granola eating limousine liberals want dense development in Marin? Or a couple hundred thousand more “people of color” in new subsidized housing in Marin? You want to see NIMBY and “racism”?…LOL!

And by all means make sure we deal with Massachusetts, the bluest of blue states, too. The patchwork of New England towns in the ring of white suburbs around Boston is all about restrictive zoning. Again, that’s the whole point…so, sure, let’s get rid of the zoning. In fact, get rid of the towns as such. Regionalize, consolidate and densify! And promote the Mt. Laurel type education policies, too–abolition of arbitrary school districts…regionalization…with plenty of diversity. Let’s start with Brookline and Newton, then move on to Wayland, Lincoln, Sudbury, Dover and Weston. Lots of new neighbors….a new type of neighbor, too! And don’t forget the immigrants. There’s plenty of room for one or two million more people in Massachusetts!

I can’t wait until they all want to go to the Cape! They’ll be thrilled in Truro, Wellfleet, Orleans and….Provincetown. Won’t they?

Let the limousine liberals choke on it. Let them put their money where their mouths are…or be exposed as the double talking hypocrites they are.