Ignatius ignores (me): The complete tweets

I tweeted Washington Post foreign affairs columnist David Ignatius (@IgnatiusPost) three times over the weekend with reference to his column “Iran — the next stage.” As I wrote in “Ignatius ignores,” I doubt he read the Joint Plan of Action the United States arrived at with Iran before writing his column saluting it.

The agreement with Iran is a matter of great seriousness, though it is only four pages long. I believe that Ignatius misrepresented it in his November 27 column on it. He did so, I think, because his friends in the Obama administration spun him on its terms. That is a story all by itself, if only Ignatius would own up to it.

Ignatius publicized and disseminated his column via Twitter. My attempts to elicit a response from Ignatius via Twitter are below. I regret the missing word “sure” in the second tweet (“Just wanted to be [sure] I got through to you…”), but I think the context makes it clear.


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