Love is in the air

Glenn Reynolds has rescued his interview last year with Utah’s prospective Fourth District Republican congressional candidate Mia Love from the archives. Love narrowly lost her race last year to incumbent Fourth District Rep. Jim Matheson. With the pending retirement of Mathewson from Congress, Love is in the air. Roll Call notes that she is the clear front-runner for Matheson’s seat. Her campaign Web site is here.

Glenn asks Love about her favorite economist. Love identifies the classical liberal Frédéric Bastiat — he of the parable of the broken window in “That which is seen, that that which is not seen” — as her favorite. Paul Krugman will not approve. For me, the only discordant note is her enthusiasm for Ron Paul. I take it she’s a libertarian.

Love is perfectly representative of the Tea Party movement. She is smart, engaged and knowledgeable, harking back to first principles to guide us in our way forward. Hear her out in Glenn’s InstaVision interview of her for PJTV last year, posted here and on YouTube (below). Quotable quote: “I would elect a shoe over our current president” (an observation which Glenn sees and raises).