Mid-Week in Pictures: The Pajama Game Special Edition

Some things just can’t wait for the weekend.  Like Michael Dukakis riding in a tank.  Or the PR geniuses behind Obamacare putting out the Pajama Boy ad.  Did Christmas get moved up on the calendar, or did we skip straight to April Fool’s Day?

Then, too, I was reminded of “Hey There” from the Broadway musical The Pajama Game, initially recorded by my dad’s college classmate (and Bonnie’s father) John Raitt, which begins with an appropriate lyric for the pathetic fool in the photo whose life will now get even more abuse than the HealthCare.gov girl:

Hey there, you with the stars in your eyes
Love never made a fool of you
You used to be too wise.

Yeah, but then Obama came along, people fell in love, and made fools of a lot of people.

Pajama Boy copy

This one is really cruel.  But Kenyon grads will surely like it.

This one is really cruel. But Kenyon grads will surely like it.

Pajama Boy 8 copy

Pajama Boy 9 copyPajama Boy 7 copy

Pajama boy 6 copy

Pajama Boy 5 copy

Pajama Boy 4 copy

Pajama Boy 10 copy

Pajama Boy 3 copy

Pajama Boy 11 copy

Pajama Boy 12 copyAnd finally, just because this is a special edition doesn’t mean we can cut corners on our format:

Hot 69 copy


JOHN adds: I’m glad you got some testosterone into this post with the last photo!