Obama? Who’s He?

Senate Democrats who are up for re-election next year are in a panic over Obamacare. They may try to maintain a brave front, but actions speak louder than words. Thus, we see the first television ad of Mary Landrieu’s re-election campaign. Does she take credit for casting the decisive vote in favor of Obamacare? Does she stand in solidarity with the leader of her party, Barack Obama? Heh. Just kidding:

Landrieu faces a delicate task, as Obamacare and its author, Barack Obama, are deeply unpopular with most Louisianans. On the other hand, the Democrats’ core voters are African-Americans who live in and around New Orleans; Landrieu desperately needs them to turn out heavily in a non-presidential election year. So her campaign is running the anti-Obama ad in most of the state, but not in New Orleans. I don’t have a high opinion of the intelligence of Democratic Party voters, but are residents of New Orleans really so obtuse that they won’t figure out that Landrieu is selling out their president in the rest of the state? Perhaps they are.

As for Landrieu’s claim to have fought for the right of Americans to keep the plans they like, it is entirely hypocritical. On September 29, 2010, after the Obama administration promulgated regulations which the Departments of HHS, Labor and Treasury predicted would cause more than half of those in the individual insurance market, and more than half of those who have employer-sponsored group coverage, to lose their health insurance plans, Senate Republicans, led by Mike Enzi, introduced a resolution that would have allowed Americans to keep the coverage they have. Every Senate Democrat, including Mary Landrieu, cynically voted No. They knew Obama was lying all along, and they lied along with him. In November, they will pay.


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