Terrorist Attack In Volgograd

For the second time in the last 60 days, terrorists have struck in the Russian city of Volgograd. A female suicide bomber–presumably a Muslim terrorist, although this has not yet been confirmed–killed as many as 18 people and wounded many more at the city’s train station:

The explosion rocked a crowded area between the train station’s front doors and the metal detectors leading into the main hall at 12:45 p.m.

Police said that a female suicide bomber detonated her shrapnel-packed device when a police officer, suspicious of her activities, approached her.

The police officer, Sergeant Dmitry Makavkin, 29, died in the explosion, whose force contained the equivalent of at least 10 kilograms of TNT, police said.
Thirteen other people also were killed in the blast, said Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Investigative Committee. Another 34 people were injured, including three police officers who, like Makavkin, were responsible for screening people entering the train station.

Initial reports put the death toll at up to 18, with more than 40 people injured.

This brief surveillance video captures the moment when the bomb exploded; you can see what a powerful device it was. The other striking thing about the video, I think, is how muted the reactions of passers-by seem to be:


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