The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, Episode 60: In High Cotton [Corrected]


Oops–when I posted this yesterday, I inadvertently included podcast #59 instead of #60. That is now corrected.

Cotton0298Brian and I taped Episode 60 of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience this morning. We talked about the impending holidays, the Ryan-Murray budget deal, the rift in the conservative movement, and Nelson Mandela, the man and the myth. Our Loon of the Week was a certain famous sign language expert, and our This Week In Gatekeeping prize went to Time magazine for its deep understanding of the Catholic faith.

We were joined by Congressman Tom Cotton, who explained his “no” vote on the budget act, explained the deal’s prospects in the Senate, and updated us on the status of his Senate campaign. Sadly, he also confirmed that while he will soon become an honorary Minnesotan, he will not move to the Gopher State to take on Al Franken, which means that our search for a candidate continues. It is a fun episode.

You can listen to the podcast by playing it right here, or you can go to Ricochet to download or subscribe to the podcast in various ways, or you can subscribe on iTunes or elsewhere. Or you can use Stitcher. There are many ways to experience the Hinderaker-Ward Experience, but I think the best is by subscribing on iTunes. That way, you never have to worry about missing an episode.

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