The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, Episode 61: The Christmas Sessions (With Sen. Jeff Sessions)


Today on the Hinderaker-Ward Experience we interviewed Senator Jeff Sessions. If conservatism is a team, Sessions is our MVP. In recent years, no one in Washington has shown better judgment or been more effective in upholding conservative principles. This is a don’t-miss interview, focused mainly on the recent spending deal and the Democrats’ unprecedented violations of Senate rules. If you want the real story on what is going on in D.C., there is no better source than Jeff Sessions.

In addition, Brian and I talked about holiday parties and Obama’s press conference, and awarded our Loon of the Week and This Week In Gatekeeping prizes. We also recognized a Listener of the Week, Ario IronStar, who gave us our Phrase that Pays. The first member who records that phrase in the comments section to Brian’s Ricochet post will be this week’s winner and have the right to join us live on the next HWX broadcast. So it was an action-packed hour.

You can listen to the podcast by playing it right here, or you can go to Ricochet to download or subscribe to the podcast in various ways, or you can subscribe on iTunes or elsewhere. Or you can use Stitcher. There are many ways to experience the Hinderaker-Ward Experience, but I think the best is by subscribing on iTunes. That way, you never have to worry about missing an episode.


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