The Week in Pictures: Pajama Boy Encore Edition

So Obama has jetted off to Hawaii for the holidays, disdaining comment on whether this was his worst year in office.  The reporter forgot to add, “so far.”  Reminds me of the joke Reagan liked to tell about the Soviet Union in its dotage: “Man says to a friend on the street, ‘Is this it?  It this true Communism?’  His friend replies, ‘Oh no, not even close; things are going to have to get a lot worse.'”  With the full brunt of Obamacare yet to hit, and the Obama-Kerry “opening” to Iran only beginning its wreckage of the Middle East, next year can be a lot worse.  But at least we have Pajama Boy to get us through!

Pajama Boy Osama copy

PJ Boy Again copy

Pajama Boy Suck copy

Wells-Krupp copy

Beckwiths Pajama Boy copy

Lie of Year copy

Obama Carter copy

Kanye West Obamacare copy

Certain to b a big seller this Christmas.

Certain to b a big seller this Christmas.

Obama Don't care copy

Hand Gestures copy

cancel letter copy

Website lizard copy

'onion on Obamaare copy

Free health copy

Obama Major Award copy

Govt Dioesn't Work copy

Health care DMV copy

Debt 2 copy

Duck Firing copy

Letter L copy

Cold Weather Casues Murder copy

Terror v Cruz copy

Moon Flags copy

German Scrabble copy

Hokey Pokey copy

Liquor Store copy

Skeleton Tree copy

Rock Schools copy

Dr. Who Tapestry copy

Yea, I think I need one of these. . .

Yea, I think I need one of these. . .

Dog jump copy

Merica on 3 copyAnd finally. . .

Hot 119 copy



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