The Year in Pictures: Auld Lang Syne Edition

Too hard to make a complete review and selection of the very best from our Week in Review galleries, but here’s a few new ones, and a few old ones, plus, of course, a brand new “guns and gams” weapons display for the close, because you just can’t have enough new ones of those.  (Though maybe I should run the whole galley and put them to a reader vote?  The first annual “Miss Power Line” contest?  I’ll have to check with our pageant desk.)  Happy new year everybody.

Power Line 2 copy

Ramirez on Pajama Obama copy

Spayed Pajama Boy copy

Big Govt Trap copy

12 Days of Obamacare copy


Liberal Face copy

Separated at Birth copy

Equal Health copy

Rodman Obama copy

Pillars of Liberalism copy

Detroit copy

Progressivism 2 copy

Liberal IQ copy

Gun Fre Zone copy

Gun Cloud copy

ants copy

Bypass copy

Moses Diet copy

Vegetarians copy

Peer Review copy

Flippin Police copy

Practical English copy

chuck norris copy

Rolling Stones Zombies copy

Worst. Spock. Product. Ever.

Worst. Spock. Product. Ever.

Apple Maps copy

Ribeye copy

Power Line copy

And finally. . .

Hot 121 copy


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