This Is Indeed Out of Proportion

From Phil Terzian at the Weekly Standard:

Number of US presidents attending funeral of Nelson Mandela: 4
Number of US presidents attended funeral of Winston Churchill: 0

(Actually, Phil adds, Eisenhower did attend–as a private citizen–but LBJ did not, and didn’t send VP Humphrey either.  The official U.S. delegation was headed by . . . Earl Warren.)

JOHN adds: The whole Mandela thing is, to put it gently, out of proportion.

STEVE adds: Indeed.  The NBC Nightly News provided extended comments about Mandela from Bono.  But this makes perfect sense.  As my first mentor M. Stanton Evans used to tell me in his slow drawl: “Whenever there is a world crisis or major event, I want to know right away what rock stars think.”  Me, too.  We need to hear from Cher as well as Bono.  And, what the heck, Mary Bono, while we’re at it.


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