As Iraq Slides Downhill, What Happened to Obama’s “Plan”?

Al Qaeda is rapidly asserting control over large swaths of Iraq, and the Obama administration is doing nothing, because President Obama doesn’t care. But didn’t Obama once have a plan to deal with the possibility that our withdrawal from Iraq could create an opportunity for al Qaeda? Indeed he did. Here is Obama in 2007, telling us that “My plan would maintain forces in the region to target all al Qaeda within Iraq.”

So what happened to Obama’s “plan”? Where are the “forces in the region” ready to “target all al Qaeda within Iraq”?

Those aren’t very serious questions, as everyone knows Obama was just lying. Most politicians mean what they say most of the time. Almost all politicians mean what they say some of the time. But Barack Obama stands alone as a dishonest politician: if his lips are moving, you can be pretty sure that he is lying.


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