Bottom Story of the Day

Tough competition for the bottom story of the day, but a lot of people are noting the story about the ghost ship of cannibal rats apparently drifting toward Britain:

A deserted cruise ship crawling with cannibal rats is feared to be heading towards Britain, marine experts revealed.

The 300ft Lyubov Orlova has been floating around the North Atlantic since being set adrift off the Canadian coast a year ago and coastguards believe a series of storms blowing in from the west have driven her thousands of miles towards UK shores.

Since being abandoned by her crew, it is feared the 40-year-old Soviet vessel may have become home to hordes of rats, which would have had to eat each other to survive.

Sounds just like a Democratic Party convention to me.  Slightly more seriously, it sounds a little bit like the classic Jean Raspail novel, Camp of the Saints.  A worthy book if you’ve never read it.  More:

The 4,250-tonne ship’s position remains unknown despite several attempts to find her.

In March last year satellites identified a mystery object large enough to be the ship off the north west coast of Scotland but search planes found nothing.

This just sounds like a bad SyFy network movie waiting to happen.  (“Ratnado,” perhaps?)

But then there’s this, from the Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber:

The Vashon Chamber of Commerce routinely fields calls from people from all over wondering about places to stay on the island, the vast majority of which come from people planning to attend classes at the Northwest School of Animal Massage.

Relocated from Redmond to Vashon in 2011, the unique school has kept a low profile on the island, but is one of only a few in the country that offers classes and professional certification in the growing field of animal massage.

I think I know a shipload of rats that will be in need of a comforting massage in the near future.


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